Let’s give magic to get magic

8 01 2020

The next step in this adventure demands your full attention.

Cue the magic

This exercise is much like playing a game, and like every game, there is a goal. It is about becoming alert to all the triggers the universe gives us in order to encourage more gratitude in our lives. It is about using all our senses to recognize the events and moments during the day that focus on our personal desires and wishes. It requires you to look and listen and be grateful.

So today will be about cuing the magic and being grateful each time you do it. So let’s start.

My first cue was a call from my mother, so I was grateful for her. Next, I saw a friend who had lost a lot of weight, so I was grateful for my perfect weight. The next cue was a call from a friend who was about to start a new job, so there was the moment for gratitude for my ideal job. The cues kept coming and I kept being grateful. Thank you universe.

I am the magic wand

19 12 2019

I am extremely grateful that I was born and grew up in the U.K., especially due to the impact it had on my inner self. Books, films, TV – everything was around ready to lift me up into that wonderful world of the imagination, and believe me I was there a lot. My troubled teenage years were spent in libraries, traveling through space and time in hundreds upon thousands of books around me. My shelves were always full of classics, adventures, collections, modern twists. On a good day I was part of the famous five, stuck in their new adventure. On a bad day I would take a trip to the enchanted wood and climb the faraway tree or I would follow Alice down the rabbit hole. More often than not I would find myself losing time in a jumble of words, letters and other people’s stories. When TV was allowed I would lose myself in classic black and white oldies and 30 minute episodes of ‘Bewitched’ and ‘I dream of Genie’. I had my own magic wand then, and it was my own imagination. Today’s exercise is about using that wand on other people. Choose three people who are troubled in some way, find photos of them, and then close your eyes and visualize that you have received news that their troubles are gone. Feel the excitement, the joy and the gratitude that they are now better. Then open your eyes and give thanks for whatever they have received. Wave your magic wand around them.

The Magic Wand

My first person is one of my cousins who has a health issue. Closing my eyes I visualize her husband telling me that the pains she has been feeling over the past few months have disappeared and that she is in perfect health. I open my eyes – Thank you, thank you, thank you for my cousins perfect health and happiness. I see myself and my magic wand surrounding her in that magic dust.

The second person on my list is a friend who has been unable to have a child. I hear the great news that she is pregnant. It is such a miracle. I visualize my magic wand twirling around her – thank you, thank you, thank you for my friends perfect health and well-being. That magic wand is doing its job well.

The third person on my list is my son who is blocked in his decision making and his future decisions. I close my eyes and see him telling me his great news about his future decisions. My magic wand is there surrounding him as I say – thank you, thank you, thank you for my son’s heath, wealth and happiness.

I have not mentioned their names here for obvious reasons.

Connect to your truth

18 12 2019

We have reached the stage where we now take so many things for granted. Technology has made the impossible possible, allowing man to delve into matters previously unknown. In fact, it is possibly the only reason I am here, now, sitting on my sofa, able to type these words and reach out to people, who may be had way across the world, sitting in a different room, with a different view and a totally different life. It is one of life’s many miracles, but I am sure I am not the only one who sees this miracle and thousands of other miracles that are around us each day. Today’s exercise is giving thanks to the air we breathe. That simple. The air we breathe is the our connection. Every living thing in our world depends on it. If it did not exist , we and everything around us would not be a possibility. It connects us- to each other, to the natural order of things, to our existence. It connects us to us, to our truth and connecting to our truth is, if nothing else, a truly amazing adventure.

The Magical Air That You Breathe

Walk out of your home today and give thanks to each breath you take. Feel each breath filling your lungs and feel your gratitude for it. Think about each part of you it helps and thank it for its role in your own existence and in others existence. Concentrate on those breaths, as many times as you can and say ‘thank you for the magical air I breathe’. Imagine that you are breathing in one of life’s truest miracles and connect to your truth.


16 12 2019

Today’s task is to work on that brilliant top 10 (could be 100) desire list. It’s the day where you work on your desires so that the magic does its thing.

Before your very eyes

Keep your list with you for the next few days. Look at it every chance you get. Look at each of your desires for about a minute and just visualize you have received it. Feel as much gratitude as you can each time, feel it as if you have received each of them, really received them. Lots of feelings will fill you in those moments and you should be grateful for them all.

Be grateful for the outcome

14 12 2019

It’s that feeling you get when you’re waiting for that thing to happen. You know, that important meeting, that family gathering, that appointment with the bank manager. You imagine it going in a way that will benefit you. That’s hope. So today we are working on these events that will make your day ahead either the greatest ever or the usual underwhelming one. We are going for the greatest ever. Impossible – never. It’s so possible- that’s what I believe here’s what I am going to do today.

Magnificent outcomes.

First, I have to choose the three events to focus on. The first choice is not that hard as I have a phone appointment with the bank, in a final attempt to save the family business. This is a long story, but suffice to say that it is a call I have been dreading so let me fear not, because I will be totally covering this with a magnificent outcome.

As I say thank you for the magnificent outcome, I also imagine dipping my hand into my pot of magical dust and taking a handful and just covering this event. The outcome will be truly magnificent. He will agree to everything I ask for. He will be understanding and will lower my payments. It will be the best deal that could be made and one that I can realistically afford.

The second is to find a parking space quickly and with no trouble when I go into town (one with three times the amount of cars to parking spaces). Thank you for the magnificent outcome of my visit to town. I sprinkle more dust around as I visualize myself reaching the town center, parking the car near the places I need to get to and quickly and efficiently getting my jobs done.

The third is a talk with my son, who, as most teenagers, is going through the phase of “I’m old enough to know what is best for me.” Thank you for the magnificent outcome of my talk. I see myself hugging my son with those feelings of love and pride that I truly always feel for him.

The next step is a test for the day – magnificent outcomes to 3 random events throughout the day. As I have yet to live these moments I will just have to wait for them to come up and just use my gratitude and magic dust when they come up.

Always thinking of the best.


14 12 2019

Life is made up of so many steps. It starts with baby steps and just keeps going from that point on. My steps have been gradual, some days there are more than others. There have been steps towards school, towards university, towards jobs, towards passions, towards airports and trains, towards new places and new adventures. These steps I have always said thank you for. I have even said thank you for the steps that others made me take. People’s lives are all about steps. They begin and end with them.

So today’s exercise is about being grateful with each step you take. I am taking many steps today – grateful for them leading me in the right direction, grateful for them being light, grateful for me being able to make them.

Making lists

29 11 2019

I was watching a documentary about hoarding. The paths we take in our lives are sometimes paths that we may not have chosen ourselves, and that, in fact, each of us is searching for a way to fill in the blanks that others may have left us with. Psychology is an immense subject and working on our psyche and on our soul is a road less travelled on by so many of us. However, as life passes by, our emotional world is the one that we need to protect. The one we need to work on getting right. It is essential for ourselves, but also for the people we share our lives with. Today’s exercise is a list, a to-do list. I need to make a list of the things that need to be done, things that weigh down on me each day, things that I want, things that need to be resolved. It is a list that will be written and then filled with gratitude. No solutions, just the list. Gratitude is there. It is within us on each and every journey we make, so why not just spend more time with it. Why not imagine that it is the sounding board of all the things we want. We should not overwhelm it with fear and insecurities and problems. We should just make it aware of the problem and then gratitude will get it done. As I am getting ready to write my list, I think of gratitude as my own personal genie again. Today my wishes are his command.

My magical to-do list

I am debt free.

I am wealthy enough to have time to do the things I love.

My relationship with my son is wonderful.

My businesses are doing so well that I have more free time.

I have found the perfect plumber.

I found the ring I lost last year.

My family is back together and more loving and united than ever.

I have the perfect staff.

All my dreams are becoming reality.

Abundance is me

28 11 2019

It is hard to believe that abundance is out there and just waiting for us to will it to arrive in our hands. Or is it? How many times have we been in situations where just at the right moment Lady Luck has been on your side. Faith is a small word that hides great meaning. Memories come into my mind if my childhood. Many were the times when I would be in a situation which frightened me and I would just tightly shut my eyes and envision I was somewhere else, a happier place, a good place. Thinking back, I was probably using the law of attraction then, too, but not in the way I was supposed to, because negative feelings like fear and blame were always there. However, I have always believed in something bigger, and I have always believed that, one day, I will be wealthy enough to live a decent and comfortable life. Today’s exercise is the magic check. It is about believing one hundred percent that you will receive what you ask for. Doing this exercise, I think back on the past and close my eyes in the present with new visions and dreams, and of course a new mindset.

The magic cheque (or check)

Print out a check – available online – and fill in the amount you want to receive. When you have done this, the next step is to hold your check and close your eyes visualizing what you want to use this money for and using it for this specific thing. Visualizing has never come easy to me, but I did it. I filled in my amount and with my mind’s eye I went to the place where I actually had this money. I felt the money in my hands and I was spending it on fixing my life again. I felt the rush of happiness and excitement in doing it. I thanked the universe a thousand times each time I was able to use the money I have for the things I want.

During the day I will carry the check with me and take it out as many times as I can to feel it’s vibrations and the excitement it brings.

Then, you just put it somewhere where you can see it, and just believe you have received the money, until you do.

Then just do it all again for something else.

Thank you universe.

Health is wealth

26 11 2019

When you have your health you take it for granted that you will always have it. Therefore, when something is taken for granted it is not thought about, it is accepted and more than likely it is not blessed. Health is the one thing that we should all, always be truly grateful for. Today’s exercise is about practicing gratitude for our health. True appreciation for good health.

Magic and miracles in health

The first thing is to show gratitude for my past health, and think of three times when I was full of energy and therefore truly happy. My three times were when I ran a charity marathon in school. It was a 10 mile marathon and I was sponsored for every mile. I ran the race , finished the marathon and felt truly exhilarated at the end of it. Th second time was not really an energy time, but an on top of the world time. It was the day I learned that I had passed all my final exams for my degree. My mind and body were all buzzing with true energy and vibrancy that day. The last time was the day I gave birth to my daughter. That was like climbing Mount Everest. These were the three times that came to my mind, when I really did feel that intense energy burning through me. So thank you for those days.

Secondly, you need to feel gratitude for the health you have now. Choosing five functions that I am grateful for now is quite difficult, but I am really grateful for my mind- thank you, my eyes – thank you, my arms – thank you, my legs – thank you, my stomach- thank you.

Thirdly, focus on the health you want to have. Focus on a function that is not working as it should and focus on its good health. I chose my circulatory system. I imagined all the cells in my body functioning perfectly together. Everything doing its job. Everything working like clockwork. An assembly line is set up in my body and everything on the conveyor belt is ensuring that every function of my body is receiving what it needs, and anything toxic is thrown out.

In my mind I can see my body as though it is being scanned and everything is perfect. I envision myself as the perfect version of me, and this is who I am. Then I give thanks, thanks to it all. Thanks for my perfect health.

Rebuilding bridges

22 11 2019

Relationships are the meaning to my world. I love meeting people, talking to people, learning their stories, learning from their stories and being part of a bigger whole. They are never easy, but realizing that they can be is a big step toward a righter direction. In my world family is a big thing. Think of the ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and you will get quite close to what I mean. Life revolves around small pedantic idiosyncrasies to bigger shocking traumas, all of which make each day a different day. Today’s way of life has led to many social issues being brought to light, including issues which may never see the light of day, but once you have embarked on a journey of self enlightenment, facing your fears is a very important lesson to be learnt. Many people’s fears are a result of their relationships, whether they be familial or not. Many are the times when we have been caught up in our own webs of intrigue, egotistically blaming others, instead of searching within ourselves to find the answers. Maybe there are none, and maybe it is someone else’s fault, but when we are not humble enough to forgive or intelligent enough to forget, then life becomes an ever growing road of hurdles and obstacles, which hamper us from making our true journey and fulfilling our true purpose – never forget we all have a purpose. Today’s trip is one of fixing our relationships. Choose someone whose relationship with you is less than you would like and write ten things you are grateful to that purpose for. I chose the relationship with my father.

Magically heal your relationship

Dad, I’m grateful for you bringing me into this world and choosing to bring us up in a wonderful country full of prospects and opportunities. I’m truly grateful for your instilling righteousness into our lives. I’m grateful for your sacrifices in order to give us the best life you could. I’m grateful for teaching me that hard work is nothing to be ashamed for. I’m grateful for the opportunities you have given me. I’m truly grateful for giving us a reason to never forget our roots. I’m grateful for the qualities you have which you passed onto us. I’m grateful for the time you showed me you loved me. I’m grateful for the faith and trust you have shown me over the years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.